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Jet2 loses appeal over pilot ‘rejected for trade union activity’

The airline Jet2 has lost its appeal against an Employment Tribunal ruling that it rejected a job application from a pilot because of his union activity. The pilot, Mr J Denby, who is a member of the British pilots’ trade union, began working for the airline in 2005. In 2009, he suggested to the airline’s chairman that the union should play a more active role in representing its pilots, but the chairman did not want the union involved. Mr Denby […]

How mediation can help ease the stress of getting divorced

Divorce can be one of the most stressful events anyone has to face in their lives, especially if it descends into recriminations and disputes over money and care of the children. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. The government, with the backing of many family lawyers, has been trying to promote a more civilised approach by encouraging couples to try mediation. Mediation is an informal process in which a trained mediator helps the couple to resolve difficult issues […]

Housing complaints system for consumers to be streamlined

The government plans to streamline the complaints system for tenants and homeowners so that no one is left battling with their landlord or builder to resolve issues with their home. Under the current system, consumers may need to approach up to four different organisations to find the appropriate one to deal with their complaint. The government will begin an 8-week consultation to shape a better and simpler complaints procedure, using people’s real experiences as a guide. As it stands, landlords […]

Government to create a new generation of town houses

The government plans to create a new generation of town houses by making it easier to develop existing buildings. Housing Secretary Sajid Javid says the changes will ease pressure on valuable open spaces and help growing families who live in built up areas. Under the changes it will be easier to build upwards on existing blocks of flats and houses, as well as shops and offices. This will help councils protect open spaces in inner cities from development and maintain […]

Primark must pay transgender employee £47,000 compensation

A transgender employee has won her claim of constructive dismissal after she was forced to resign following a series of discriminatory comments from her colleagues. Miss Alexandra de Souza E Souza worked as a retail assistant for high street clothing brand Primark. She was subjected to various bullying comments and actions by several of her colleagues, including being told she had a “man’s voice”, “had evil inside her” and that she was “a joke”. Miss De Souza was also sprayed […]

Firm stops former employee using its intellectual property

A health care solutions company has been granted an interim injunction preventing a former employee using one of its software programs. The company owned the copyright in a program designed to assist child fostering agencies with accounts, client management and similar functions. The employee had worked as its sales director, until he left without giving notice. The company alleged that the employee had made a copy of the software program shortly after he left and had enlisted its designer to […]

Leading judges back campaign for divorce law reform

Several leading judges and lawyers have backed a campaign in the Times newspaper for sweeping reforms to divorce law, which they describe as “unjust and outdated”. The campaign calls for the following changes: ·     Scrapping of fault-based divorce laws, allowing divorce within a year where both sides agree, and two where they do not, as in Scotland. ·     Ending the outdated and patronising “meal ticket for life” that can result from laws on splitting assets and awarding maintenance after divorce, […]

Screwdrivers on van roofs infringed company’s trademark

A repair company had its trademark infringed by several firms that drove vehicles so similar in appearance they could be considered as being part of the same brand. Zockoll Group Ltd owned the EU registered design of a work van with an oversized screwdriver attached to the roof. It granted one single UK company the license to use the design for its vehicles. However, three other repair firms also drove vans with a large screwdriver attached to the roof. All […]

Father wins appeal to stop his children being taken to Iraq

A father has won his appeal against a court decision allowing his three children to be taken to Iraq by their mother. The case involved an Iraqi couple who came to the UK in 2008. After the breakdown of their relationship in 2015, the mother left the family home with the children. Residence and contact proceedings began, and the father obtained an order to prevent the mother removing the children from the UK. In January 2017, the mother said she […]

Family business owners fear their company ‘will die out’

Nearly a third of family business owners fear their company will die out and not be passed on to the next generation once they retire. One in five believe it’s unlikely that family businesses will even exist in the future. These are some of the findings of a survey carried out by insurance company Direct Line. They highlight the understandable fears of many people in a world where the pressures on businesses are increasing every year. A third of the […]

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