Category : Family Law

Three sisters win dispute over their father’s will

 Three sisters have won a dispute with their father’s widow over the validity of his will, which he made shortly before he died.

Move to bring ‘outdated law’ on wills into 21st century

  The law governing the writing of wills needs to be updated to reflect modern understanding of dementia and mental capacity.

Mother wins right to oppose her youngest child being adopted

A mother with a troubled background has won the right to oppose adoption proceedings involving her youngest child.

Court enables family to take over deceased director’s company

 The High Court has enabled a family to take over the ownership and running of a company after the owner died.

Wife cannot include trust assets in divorce settlement

A wife has been told that the assets of a trust she set up with her husband cannot be included in their divorce settlement.

Son not allowed to inherit house as a ‘deathbed gift’

 A man has been prevented from inheriting a house that he claimed was a ‘deathbed gift’ from his mother.

Father can’t take sons out of UK even though they want to go

A father has lost his appeal against a court ruling that he cannot take his sons to live outside of the UK even though they want to go with him.

Father and son in dispute over shares in joint business venture

The High Court has settled a dispute between a father and son over the division of shares in a property they bought as a joint venture.

Family can’t make a claim on their stepmother’s estate

A family have been told they cannot make a claim on their stepmother’s estate following the death of her husband.

Increases to probate application fees postponed until after the election

The government has postponed its proposed increases in probate application fees because there won’t be time to introduce them before the coming election.

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