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New Pubs Code to protect tenants comes into effect

  Tenants in tied pubs are now entitled to greater protection following the introduction of a new code which has just come into effect.

What happens if a shareholder dies or is seriously ill?

The serious illness or death of a shareholder, who is also key to the business, is bound to create problems at best and could lead to the downfall of the company at worst. Having a considered catastrophe plan in place sounds common sense but how many family companies truly have an emergency strategy? In our experience very few!

Employee on sick leave can carry over holiday entitlement

Employees unable to take some or all of their annual leave because of sickness can carry over the entitlement to a later date, confirmed the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

Court orders that abducted girl should be returned to her mother

A court has ordered that a nine-year-old girl who was abducted by her father should be returned to her mother.

Court warns against secretly recording children in family cases

A judge has outlined why it would nearly always be wrong to secretly record children’s conversations as a way of gathering evidence in family proceedings.

Court case shows perils of investing without a written agreement

A recent case before the High Court highlights the perils of investing large sums of money in a business venture without a written agreement.

Company director disqualified for not protecting customers  

  A director of a used car business has been disqualified for seven years for breaching consumer protection laws.

EU lawyer says employers can ban wearing of religious symbols

The European Union’s top legal adviser says employers can have a ban on wearing religious symbols and clothing in the workplace as long as it applies to all faiths and views equally.

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