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Lidl loses appeal over union recognition for warehouse workers

 The supermarket chain Lidl has lost its appeal over union recognition for some of its warehouse workers.

High Court refuses to grant order to stop franchisee trading

The High Court has refused to grant a company an order preventing a franchisee from trading following a dispute over the ending of a contract.

Man wins the right to buy home he shared with his partner

 A 91-year-old man has been granted the right to buy the home he shared with his partner because her will had not made reasonable provision for him.

New scheme to promote arbitration in family disputes

 A new scheme has been launched to encourage the use of arbitration in family disputes involving the welfare of children.

Company wins right to light dispute with high handed neighbour

  A company has been granted an injunction preventing a neighbouring firm from going ahead with a development that infringed its right to light.

Trust enabled Duke of Westminster to avoid billions in tax

The late Duke of Westminster saved his family billions of pounds by using a trust that allows wealth to pass through the generations without attracting a large inheritance tax liability.

Homeowners win negligence claim against structural engineer

A family have won their professional negligence claim against a structural engineer who failed to alert them that a house they were buying was in a dangerous condition and should be demolished.

Companies win dispute over blocking counterfeiting websites

Cartier International, along with a number of other large companies, have won a legal battle to oblige internet service providers (ISPs) to block websites that were infringing their IPR (Intellectual Property Rights).

Daughters lose appeal after being left out of father’s will

A father was totally cognisant of what he was doing in excluding his daughters from his will when he made specific provisions for the division of his estate.

Pub owner wins fight against planning permission for office block

An appeal has been won by a pub owner against planning permission for a large development that would almost entirely block out light from her premises.

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