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Shareholders win dispute with directors over excessive payments

 A company’s minority shareholders have won a legal dispute with directors who refused to pay dividends yet awarded excessive payments to themselves.

NHS employee protects pension rights in dispute over notice period

 An employee has protected her pension rights after winning a dispute with the NHS over when her contract came to an end.

Mother told she can’t take her daughter to live in Canada

A mother has been told by the High Court that she cannot take her two-year-old daughter to live with her in Canada.

Landlord loses appeal over service charges for improvements

The Court of Appeal has ruled that a landlord was wrong to use service charges to recover the cost of improvements to a property.

Starter homes to be sold to first-time buyers at 20% discount

 The government has announced plans to build thousands of starter homes on brownfield sites across the country.

Plumber wins ‘worker’s rights’ claim against employer

  A plumber who carried out jobs on behalf of a plumbing company should be classed as a “worker” under the Employment Rights Act, not a self-employed contractor.

Mother’s contact with son restricted to six times a year

 A mother has been told she can only have contact with her son six times a year instead of the 12 times that she wanted.

Husband wins appeal against divorce payments to former wife

A husband has won his appeal against financial remedy orders involving payments to his former wife after the court proceedings were held to be unfair.

Director must repay £150,000 investment after giving guarantee

A company director must repay a £150,000 investment after guaranteeing that he would double the figure within eight weeks.

Developer wins dispute with council over housing project

A developer has won a legal dispute with a local authority over its plans to build 145 homes and associated infrastructure.

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